Taylor B. Arnold

Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Richmond
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I study massive cultural datasets in order to address new and existing research questions in the humanities and social sciences. I specialize in the application of statistical computing to large text and image corpora. A particular interest is the study of data contained linked text and images, such as newspapers with embedding figures or television shows with associated closed captions. Research products take on several forms: book length manuscripts, technical reports, and new software implementations.
About me

I am Assistant Professor of Statistics at the University of Richmond. I currently have research positions available for Richmond students interested in statistics, data science, or computational linguistics. Prior to my current appointment, I had full-time appointments in several industry research groups including AT&T Labs Research, Travelers, and IBM. I was also a lecturer in the Yale statistics department. In 2017 I held a visiting professorship at the University Paris Diderot in the Department of Linguistics. My work has received external funding through the NEH, DARPA, and the ACLS.

Ongoing Projects
  • Distant Viewing Project: developing computational techniques to analyze moving image culture on a large scale.
  • Distant Viewing Toolkit: automatically extract metadata features from a corpus of moving images.
  • Photogrammar: web-based platform for organizing, searching, and visualizing the 170,000 photographs taken by the U.S. Federal government from 1935 to 1942.
  • cleanNLP: provides annotators and a normalized data model for natural language processing.
Recent Teaching
Peer-reviewed Publications
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science — University of Richmond — 28 Westhampton Way, Richmond, VA 23173