Final Project: Exploring A Week in the Life

Due: 2018-04-25 (start of class)

Starter code: final-project.Rmd

The overarching goal of the first project is to collect a data set, produce a data dictionary, and provide an exploratory analysis from your data.

Specifically, you will be collecting data about a specific week in your life. You will be creating three linked datasets with the following information:

  • one dataset where the unit of observation is one hour, indicating what you were doing and where you were at the start of the hour. This will have a total 168 rows (24 * 7) where you will record:
    • your name (same on every row)
    • the time
    • activity tag
    • location tag
    • one other variable of your choosing
  • one dataset of places that has variable for:
    • location tag (one match for each record in your hourly dataset)
    • latitude
    • longitude (use Google maps or similar for help with this one)
    • one other variable of your choosing
  • one dataset of activities:
    • activity tag
    • ranking of how much you enjoy this activity, from 1 (hate it) to 10 (love it)
    • one other variable of your choosing

Note: It may be that some of the data I would like you to collect is quite sensitive and personal. Part of the point of this project is to understand how invasive something as simple as your weekly activities can be in practice. Of course, I don’t want you to actually share information you are at all uncomfortable with. Feel free to make up reasonable surrogates for any activities or locations for time points that you would rather not publicly share with the class. If you have further questions or concerns, please let me know as soon as possible.

Here are template files for these three datasets (they fill in the same activity, sleeping, for every hour):

There will be time to work on the project in class on Thursday, 18 April.