Course Notes and Assignments

Fall 2020
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 13h30 > 14h45 and 15h00 > 16h15

Instructor: Taylor Arnold
Method of Instruction: ONLINE
Office Hours: Mondays, by appointment (email by Sunday at 17h ET)
Syllabus: Data Science Syllabus, Fall 2020
Participation: Rubric

Zoom Meeting ID: 958 4808 3217 (password in email)
RStudio: Class Workspace
Class Form: Submit the form

Course Formats: Due to social distancing guidelines and the need to maximize flexibility, Data Science is being taught using online instruction. Classes will be presented remotely over Zoom. Please see the syllabus and Course Introduction notes for additional details and contact the instructor in the event of further questions.

2020-08-25 Course Introduction and Setup [introduction]
2020-08-27 01. Course Setup [R and RStudio Cloud Setup]
[RStudio Cloud Video]
[notebook01 solutions]
[course code (optional; local installation)]
[RStudio IDE Cheatsheet]
[RMarkdown Cheatsheet]
2020-09-01 02. Grammar of Graphics [notebook02 solutions]
[R4DS Chapter 3: Data Viz]
[ggplot2 homepage]
2020-09-03 03. Aesthetics and Scales [notebook03 solutions]
2020-09-08 04. Organize Data [notebook04 solutions]
[R4DS Chapter 5: Data transformation]
[dplyr homepage]
2020-09-10 05. Summarize Data [notebook05 solutions]
[grouped data (dplyr vignette)]
2020-09-15 06. Creating Variables [notebook06 solutions]
[R4DS Chapter 14: Strings]
[R4DS Chapter 15: Factors]
[stringi homepage]
[stringr cheatsheet (see page 2)]
[regular expressions]
[forcats homepage]
2020-09-17 07. Creating Data [notebook07 solutions]
[data entry]
[R4DS Chapter 11: Data Import]
[R4DS Chapter 16: Dates and Times]
[readr homepage]
[tibble homepage]
[lubridate homepage]
2020-09-22 08. Storytelling with Data [notebook08 solutions]
[R4DS Chapter 7: EDA]
2020-09-24 09. Tables Joins [notebook09 solutions]
[R4DS Chapter 13: Relational Data]
[Two-table verbs (dplyr vignette)]
2020-09-29 10. Table Pivots [notebook10 solutions]
[R4DS Chapter 12: Tidy Data]
[tidyr homepage]
[pivot_wider documentation]
[pivot_longer documentation]
2020-10-01 Project 01 Due (presentations) [Project 01 Instructions]
2020-10-06 11. Movies Data I [notebook11 solutions]
[Class Groups]
2020-10-08 12. Movies Data II [notebook12 solutions]
2020-10-13 Project 02 Workshop
2020-10-15 Project 02 Workshop
2020-10-20 13. Introduction to Spatial Data [notebook13 solutions]
[Simple Features for R]
2020-10-22 14. Time Series Data and Window Functions [notebook14 solutions]
[lubridate homepage]
2020-10-22 Project 02 Due [Project 02 Instructions]
2020-10-27 Project 03 Workshop
2020-10-29 Project 03 Workshop
2020-11-03 Project 03 Workshop
2020-11-05 15. More Spatial Data: Map Tiles and Points in Polygons [notebook15 solutions]
[ggmaptile package]
2020-11-10 16. Working with datetime Objects [notebook16 solutions]
2020-11-10 Project 03 Due [Project 03 Instructions]
[Project 03 Solutions]
2020-11-10 17. Introduction to Chicago Crimes Dataset [notebook17 solutions]
2020-11-17 Project 04 Workshop
2020-11-19 Project 04 Workshop
2020-11-24 [Break]
2020-11-26 [Break]
2020-12-01 Office Hours (optional)
2020-12-03 Project 04 Due (presentations) [Project 04 Instructions]