For the second part of the semester, most of our class time will consist of working through several large, complex datasets in small groups. To facilitate this, we will use fixed groups based (roughly) on student preferences. I expect you to interact and collaborate with your group during class; this will be a major component of your participation grade. For the projects themselves, you will have the option to work with your group, with a subset of your group, or alone according to your preference.

Note: Students taken the course asychronously should continue to work through the notebooks as usual on their own. If feasible, of course, you are welcome to form an independent group of asychronous students for the purpose of the projects.

The groups are listed below for your information. They should populate automatically in Zoom.

Section 01 (13h30)

Group 1: John C., Anna, Ani, Eliza [Lincoln Park]

Group 2: Pedro, Ahsan, Alistair [South Lawndale]

Group 3: John L., Ruiyi, Zhesi [Ashburn]

Group 4: Jiayi D., Gabbie, Scarlett, Sabrina [Loop]

Group 5: Jenny, Naron, Paige, Yuhan, Yunqi [South Lawndale]

Group 6: Jeremy, Jackson, Brian [Forest Glen]

Section 02 (15h00)

Group 1: Joseph, Vadim, Ebby, Karim [Norwood Park]

Group 2: Yunqi, Jiayi N., Jingyao, Yizhi, Joe [Near South Side]

Group 3: Allison, Gavin, Kelly, Yueren, Bryant [Humboldt Park]

All Asychronous Students

For the final project, please use the [Near West Side] neighborhood.