Due Date: In Class, 3 December 2020 (Thursday; Last Day of Class)

Total Points: 70

This page outlines the instructions for the second project. You should have a file project04.Rmd in your RStudio Cloud workspace where you can work on the project.


Each group has been assigned a particular community area from Chicago. For this assignment you will be preparing a report in the form an RMarkdown file describing the pattern of a particular type of crime in this community area relative to the rest of the city. The crime type is one of the types under the primary_type variable in the dataset. You should keep an open mind about what type to use; you will probably find some are more interesting than others for your area.

Your report should contain four sections:

  1. Description of Community Area Include several plots showing where your community area is within the city and describing the area in relation to the other areas using a few of the demographic variables. Is it a rich area? Do people commute long distances? Are there a lot of families? Just pick a few things; it does not need to be exhaustive. (2-4 plots)
  2. Crime Rate Show the rate (per person or per household) of crimes in your area relative to the rest of the city as a function of (i) the hour of the day, (ii) the month of the year, and (iii) the year. Use all of the data from 2003 through 2019, inclusive. (3 plots)
  3. Multivariate Analysis In notebook17 we split the data into two regions and investigated the different arrest rate by hour of the day for these two regions. Using just the crimes from your selected primary type, repeat this analysis with your assigned region, but compute a different percentage. Pick something related to your crime type. This could be a domestic flag, a specific description type that is popular for your crime, or a common location. (1-2 plots)
  4. COVID-19 Using data just from your area and your selected crime type, show how the rate of crime has changed as a result of the pandemic. Do this by showing (i) the number of crimes for each month from January 2019 through to the end of the dataset, and (ii) compare the number of crimes each hour of the day in the summer of 2019 to the summer of 2020. (2 plots)

You need to include nice labels and colors for the plots. I expect that you will have around 10 graphics, broken up as given in the instructions. You will need a bit of text describing the patterns you see in each plot. Two or three sentences for each plot should be sufficient.

On the last day of class, each group will present their report. I expect this to take 5-10 minutes each. Plan on every group member presenting roughly one section (to save time, one team member should be in charge of sharing their screen through the whole presentation). Your presentation should be an HTML file knit from the R code (please do not create a slide deck). You should also upload your report to Box as with the other assignments.

Remote Students Please just upload your file to Box. No need for a presentation.


The project will be graded out of 70 points, according to the following rubric:

As noted above, please submit your knit Rmd file as an HTML document on Box. Note that you will not be able to properly preview the file on Box, but should be able to view in locally on your machine. Everyone must submit their own copy of the project, even if it is exactly the same as others in your group. You will receive a grade for your work through the shared Box folder. This will include a final grade for the course.