Project groups will be formed during the first week of the semester.

Section 01 (11h00 > 12h15)

Group 1: Anna C., Ani L., John C.

Group 2: Yu Z., Mimi T., Yunqi (Amber) S.

Group 3: Kara C., Gavin H., Jackson M., Andrew L.

Group 4: Amelie W., Raymond (Rongtian) L., TJ (Tengjie) T.

Group 5: Diep N., Sabrina D., Scarlett S.

Group 6: Ting C., Nathan L., Natalie H., Zhisu Y.

Group 7: Ebby R., Edward J., Megan D., Natalie G.

Section 02 (14h30 > 15h45)

Group 1: Aalok S., Pedro D., Suvinay B., Paige L.

Group 2: Jingyao L., Xin Z., Jiayi N.

Group 3: Mahad B., Emma S., Caleigh, W.

Group 4: Nate D., Vadim K., Liam E.,

Group 5: Stephen O., Karim N., Jeremy M.

Group 6: Nick B., Alex H., Sam (Yichang) X.

Group 7: Kate P., Michael L., Yuhan Z.

Group 8: Madeline P., Jiayi D.