STAT/MATH/CS 395: Statistical Learning

Final Project

A major part (34%) of your grade for this course comes from the course's final project. The basic idea is that you will write up a report similar to the labs but with significantly more exposition about what you are doing and what the results show. For a good benchmark, think of what my lecture notes look like. Not too formal, but all of the ideas written out in words. In the last two weeks of the semester, we will have presentations based on these write-ups.

The overarching goal of the assignment is for you to apply what we have learned this semester to a dataset that has not been nicely cleaned for analysis. The skills we have covered are very applicable and I want to make sure you all feel comfortable applying them to real datasets outside of the ridge format I gave you in the course.

I am open to alternative ideas, but I see there being four main approaches to the final project.

All of them require applying predictive modelling to a new dataset, but differ in what skills are emphasises.

Submission details:

Presentation schedule and details:

I initial thought of creating a rubric for the final project, but I am not sure that this would be very helpful for you all. Just keep in mind that there should be much more expository text than the labs and you should practice your presentation once.